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I was born in Bologna, Italy, on February 24th 1960, and I received the Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1985 from the University of Bologna and the PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1990 again from the University of Bologna, with a thesis on "Broadband Routing Techniques".

In January 1990, I was employed at Dipartimento di Elettronica Informatica e Sistemistica – DEIS of the University of Bologna, as a Research Associate.

Since 1993/94 I am lecturer of Switching Systems at the University of Bologna.

Since 2004 I am Associate Professor in Telecommunications at the University of Bologna at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, ‘Guglielmo Marconi’ - DEI.

Since Academic year 2015/2016 I am the Director of the second cycle degree in Telecommunications Engineering (International).

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Carla Raffaelli, PhD,
Director of the second cycle Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
Professor in Telecommunications
DEIS - University of Bologna
Viale Risorgimento 2
I-40136 Bologna ITALY
Tel. + 39 051 2093058
Fax + 39 051 2093053
e-mail : carla.raffaelli@unibo.it