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How To Install a Firefox Extension

It is very easy to install a Firefox Extension. First of all you must download the latest version of SecureExt from the appropriate link at right. The extension consist of a file in ".xpi" format which can be immediately installed into the browser.

The first step of installation is to open this file in Firefox. To do this you must click on the menu bar:

File > Open File

browsing into your filesystem and choose your ".xpi" file downloaded before.

A window like this will appear. It will show which extension has been chosen to install to the browser. To continue you must click on "Install Now":

Once installation is complete, a window will appear showing the newly installed extension. To activate it definitely, you need to restart Firefox using the button at the top right:

Now, after restarting the browser, a window will show informations about the extension. From here you can manage it through the preferences, or disable/uninstall it.

Now the extension is ready to use!